Permanent Alimony

In order to be eligible to receive spousal maintenance in the state of Arizona, one of the following criteria must be met as stated in the Arizona Revised Statutes 25-319:

There are different types of alimony awarded for different situations. A client may only need a lump sum of alimony to help pay off a mortgage or require only temporary spousal maintenance to transition into their new life. Permanent alimony is a form of alimony awarded for life, given typically when a marriage has been very long in years and when the spouses are older in age.

Your Tucson Divorce Attorney Can Influence Alimony Decisions

The judge is primarily concerned about what is most fair and equitable when awarding spousal maintenance and consider the following factors:

If you have questions about receiving alimony or being ordered to pay alimony following your divorce, contact the law office of the Tucson family lawyer to discuss your divorce case.