Tucson Child Support Lawyer

If you need legal assistance or have any questions about child support in the Tucson area, please contact the law office of the Tucson family lawyer and let us assist you.

The purpose of child support is to secure financial means for the needs of a child. The amount of child support to be awarded is different in every case, and depends on a number of factors such as parent’s earning capacity, child care costs, health insurance premiums, and more.

Clients should note that the needs of a child go far beyond the basic necessities. If for instance a child has been attending a private school or a tutoring program, the judge will most likely order that amount to be included in the child support order. These other factors are called “adjustments” and are unique in each case. Like child custody, child support orders are meant to keep children in a stable environment, and retain as much normalcy as possible.

The judge in any divorce case will evaluate all factors in determining how much child support will be awarded to the custodial parent, if any child support is even deemed necessary.

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