Tucson Collaborative Divorce Attorney

The collaborative divorce is a fairly new form of divorce process that is growing popularity each year.

In this type of divorce, each of the divorcing spouses hires their own separate attorneys. The attorneys and their clients then sign a document agreeing to work together collaboratively during the divorce proceeding. Meetings are held together, and everyone is kept well informed at every point in the process without any aggression or backstabbing. Each of the attorneys works with each other and with each spouse to effectively negotiate all matters that arise during the divorce proceeding including child custody, visitation, separation of assets, and more.

If at any point a collaborative divorce breaks down, each partner is legally free to seek out other legal representation.

The Tucson family lawyer is more than capable in accommodating clients that would like to utilize this cutting edge process. Collaborative divorces tend to be quicker and much more peaceful, not to mention that a faster divorce is always the most economical. Mediation may not be necessary in a collaborative divorce, saving more time and more money.

The Tucson family lawyer has ample experience working with all areas of family law, including collaborative divorces. Clients that choose a collaborative divorce often find that it is the most peaceful and respectful type of divorce process.

To discuss whether a collaborative divorce is a viable option for you and your situation, contact the law offices of the Tucson family lawyer today.