Tucson Family Separation and Divorce Attorney

Enforcement of Court Orders

Following a divorce or other family law hearing, the judge will make certain orders regarding such matters as spousal support, child custody, and visitation rights. However in some cases, people willfully choose to violate court orders requiring legal action to resolve the matter. If you are having trouble with an ex-spouse or the parent of your child violating a family court order, the Tucson family lawyer can help.

Child support, spousal support, and other financial orders are the most common forms of enforcement violations. In these situations, judges can order to garnish the non-paying party’s paycheck, suspend their driver’s license, or put them in jail for more extreme cases.

The Tucson family attorney can also help with other matters such as receiving court ordered property or assistance with orders to pay debts. In these types of cases, a judge can transfer titles of ownership with or without the cooperation of the other party.

Our Tucson Family Attorney Will Guide You Through the Process

Enforcement of a court order first begins with filing a motion with the family courts to hold the violating party in contempt of court. The faulted party could be arrested or notified of the date of the hearing. On the day of the hearing, the Tucson family lawyer will present all relevant evidence in your case to show the judge that enforcement of your court order is necessary.

Family court orders are violated for a variety of reasons, but they are always a crime. If you have questions or need assistance in enforcing the rulings of your divorce or family court order, contact the law office of the Tucson family attorney to discuss your case today.