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Enforcement of Settlement Agreements

Most divorce cases include settlement agreements for property or the separation of finances. While these orders are quite specific and should be fairly simple to follow, many clients require assistance in enforcing their settlement agreements.

The Tucson family lawyer has worked in the field of family for many years. The legal team here at our office can help any client with settlement conflicts such as child custody, visitation, spousal support, child support, and more.

Ex-spouses often attempt to negotiate with their settlement agreements on their own. A client could wait for months for instance for their ex-husband or ex-wife to turn over property owed to them or to pay down mutual debts. By the time many client come to the Tucson family lawyer, they have already made an honest effort at giving their ex-spouse the opportunity to act responsibly. You should feel guilty for wanting to enforce your settlement agreement. You have rights, and the Tucson family lawyer can help you protect those rights.

Our Tucson Divorce Attorney Can Help You Through the Process

If you are having problems with enforcing court-ordered settlement agreement, the Tucson family lawyer can file a motion to hold your ex-spouse or the party at fault in contempt of court. This will lead to a hearing being called where the judge will here all the evidence your attorney has collected in your favor.

The consequences for violating a court order depend on the specific order being violated. But you can rest assured that if you come to the law office of the Tucson family lawyer for help, we will work to the best of our ability to achieve the best outcome possible for you. Contact our office today to discuss your case.