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Grandparents' Rights

Many grandparents have questions about their rights to their grandchildren following a divorce, especially if their child is not granted some sort of custody. Thankfully, the state of Arizona does acknowledge the pivotal role that grandparents play in a child’s life. If you are a grandparent that would like to establish your legal rights to see your grandchildren, contact the law office of the Tucson family lawyer today.

Parents have the right to decide on their children’s welfare, including who has access to their children. However, the courts also recognize that a relationship with a grandparent may be in the best interests of the child.

A grandparent can file for visitation rights under a variety of conditions such as:

The judge will also consider the history of the relationship between the grandparent and child, the motivation of the grandparent in seeking visitation rights, the motivation of the parent in denying visitation, the amount of time for visitation requested by the grandparent, and the benefit of visitation if the child’s parent is deceased.

Grandparents can also file for custody or adopt their grandchildren under certain conditions.

The Tucson family lawyer has many years of experience working with all types of custody and visitation arrangements. Contact us today to consult with you about your grandparents’ rights case.