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Mediation can be either court-ordered or completely voluntary. The Tucson family lawyer is both a skilled attorney and an experienced mediator that can administer a session for any client. If you would like to discuss scheduling a mediation session, contact the law office of the Tucson family lawyer today.

Mediation is a meeting where the relevant parties and their attorneys will meet to discuss the terms of their divorce. Mediation is completely confidential; no judge will be present and nothing you say can be used as evidence against you during an official hearing. Mediation gives divorcing spouses or parents of children together the opportunity to negotiate without the pressure of being in a courtroom.

Our Tucson Family Attorney Can Help You Find Resolutions

The Tucson family lawyer has many years of experience in the field of mediation. Clients often find mediation to be very helpful in the management of their emotional stress during a divorce or child custody battle because of the more informal and relaxed setting. One mediation session can also be far less expensive and save clients thousands of dollars in legal fees. Even if an agreement cannot be made on every issue, mediation sessions often begin to resolve matters in a much shorter and faster timeframe.

At the law office of the Tucson family lawyer, we believe strongly in helping clients dissolve their marriages in a manner that is respectful, efficient, and dignified. If you would like to arrange a mediation meeting, contact the law office of the Tucson family lawyer today.