Recovery of Attorney's Fees

The process of a divorce can put financial strain on just about anyone. Even wealthier clients can be seriously set back by the legal fees and costs of protecting their assets. But thankfully, the state of Arizona has created a legal method to allowing a financially disadvantaged spouse petition the court for the recovery a portion or all of their attorney’s fees. If you would like to begin the divorce process or have already done so but need help affording the cost of appointing an attorney, the Tucson divorce lawyer can help.

If you are seeking a divorce but cannot afford the entire cost of appointing a Tucson divorce lawyer, the Tucson family lawyer can petition a judge to rule in favor for the recovery of your attorney’s fees. This means that the judge will evaluate the financial position of both you and your divorcing spouse, and decide if an order for the recovery of attorney’s fees is appropriate. If so, your spouse will have to pay at least a portion, sometimes the entirety of your reasonable attorney’s fees.

The judge will not order the recovery of any fees seen as frivolous in nature. For instance if the judge feels that a petitioner is purposefully attempting to lengthen the divorce proceeding, using dirty or aggressive tactics, or just trying to get revenge, their petition will be dismissed.

At the office of the Tucson family lawyer, we understand that the financial consequences of a divorce can be devastating. That is why we are dedicated to pursuing every legal channel to accommodate our clients and make the road to dissolving their marriage less financially stressful.

If you have questions about petitioning for the recovery of your attorney fees, contact the law office of the Tucson family lawyer today for an immediate consultation.