Remarriage and Child Support

After the separation or divorce of a child’s parents, it is often inevitable that one or both of the child’s parents will meet another person and remarry.  But how does remarriage affect matters of child support?

In Tucson, child support is determined according to Arizona’s guidelines for the support of children.  According to these guidelines, if you are the non-custodial parent paying child support, your remarriage to a third party will not affect your child support order in any way.  This means that a non-custodial parent cannot file for a modification of child support due to the financial burden of a new family.

On the other hand, the custodial parent of your child cannot go to court and ask for increased child support payments just because you are getting remarried.  The Tucson family court does not factor a new spouse’s income into the support of your child.

With that said, child support cases can get complicated. If you need legal assistance or have any questions about child support in the Tucson area, please contact the law office of the Tucson family lawyer and let us assist you.